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Built upon solid relationships and the knowledge that strong client partnerships are the key to our success, Castleton Environmental is a Phase II environmental consulting, remediation and risk management firm offering commercial grade environmental services to businesses and property owners in New York and the tri state area. We understand the many challenges our clients face and have fashioned our approach to address each one of them. We evaluate a site’s environmental liabilities and develop strategies to minimize our client’s environmental risk, arming them with the necessary information to make knowledgeable and sound decisions throughout all phases of their project.

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  • We help to determine if there is a presence of hazardous materials or chemical waste located below the surface area of a given job site.

  • We help in elimination of pollution or contaminants from soil, subsurface area, groundwater, sediment, or surface water.

  • We help mitigate risk by identifying potential environmental challenges before they occur, enabling our clients to avoid complications.